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Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman quits role as Time Lord's assistant and will leave at Christmas - Mirror Online

Ugh, I am not looking forward to this new season very much. First Matt Smith, now Jenna Coleman leaving, and I am wary of the new actor Peter Capaldi for the Doctor. The show, along with the Doctor, is supposed to get “darker,” with a storyline that shows that “these adventures can hurt.” Not sounding good, but I hope I eat my words later. This show has not disappointed me yet.

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"Wonderous Love" improv in "Kodaly" tuning.

A few weeks ago I was practicing the Kodaly solo sonata when a friend asked if I could play the traditional American hymn tune “Wonderous Love” (aka “What Wonderous Love is This”). I realized that this hauntingly beautiful tune worked really well with the B minor Kodaly tuning (G and C strings down a half-step). I started messing around and recorded this improvisation on my phone.

The photography I shot around Taos, NM last summer when I was there for the Taos School of Music. I just picked these shots for the video because I thought they went well with the music.

Let me know what you think!

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